Close Distance ~ Boris Airay (Noriaki Sugiyama, 杉山紀彰)

Close Distance ~ Boris Airay (Noriaki Sugiyama, 杉山紀彰)

It was fun making this. Im trying to type out the lyrics, but it gets a little hard when his voice drawls out in the middle of the chorus. I'll keep editing the lyrics as I work them out, then I'll translate them. If anyone has any corrections btw tell me xD I heard this was called Close Distance, so I hope thats what it really is xo For those who have no clue what this video is on about, they are CG's and manga bits taken from 'Clover no Kuni no Alice' and 'Heart no Kuni no Alice'. The cat is Boris (voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama, yes the voice actor of Sasuke, England, Ishida and other people XD!), and the mouse with gold/reddish brownish hair is Pierce. The girl is Alice, who you play in the game. Hope you got my little joke that I put in in one of the manga bits, the people who have read the manga will know which bits I edited =D Hope you enjoy :D Characters are owned by QuinRose btw.


【定期】好きな声優パート1 蒼井翔太・浅沼晋太郎・飯田利信・石田彰・入野自由・内田夕夜・岡本信彦・置鮎龍太郎・小野大輔・柿原徹也・梶裕貴・勝杏里・神谷浩史・岸尾だいすけ・木村良平・小西克幸・近藤隆・下野紘・杉田智和・杉山紀彰・鈴木達央・鈴村健一・諏訪部順一・関智一・谷山紀章

[三次元声優]小野坂昌也小西克幸 杉田智和 中村悠一 石田彰 伊藤健太郎 井上和彦 福山潤 置鮎龍太郎 柿原徹也 岸尾だいすけ KENN 子安武人 坂口大助 櫻井孝宏 杉山紀彰 鈴村健一 諏訪部順一


RT @rrrxsh: KENN 杉山紀彰 下野紘 代永翼 佐藤拓也 梶裕貴 近藤隆 谷山紀章 朴ろ美 松本梨香(敬称略) #好きな声優10人晒して被ったらRT

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